You Are My Sunshine, 1998.  Dimensions variable.  Animatronic flower and books.
 Bed and Trophies, 1999.  Dimensions variable.  Found trophies and bed.
 Bikes and Paper, 1999.  Dimensions variable.  Found bikes and waterproof paper.
 Untitled, 1999.  Dimensions variable.  Manipulated cardboard standup.
 Replica, 2000.  Dimensions variable.  Duct tape and construction paper.
 Model and Speaker, 2001.  Dimensions variable.  Found model, speaker, and audio component.
 Wall, 2002.  Dimensions variable.  Styrofoam, tissue paper, and adhesive.
 Ballad of Toma, 2002.  Dimensions variable.  Sheet music accompanied by various instruments.
 Greeting, 2002.  5"x7".  Found greeting card awaiting thoughtful expression and signature upon purchase.
 Note, 2002.  3"x3".  Construction paper and adhesive.
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